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Discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential without sacrificing other aspects of your life.

Embrace a new approach that goes beyond the traditional hustle mentality.

Stay true to your vision while nurturing your relationships and being present in the moment.

Establish healthy boundaries to avoid the fear of missing out (FOMO) and prioritize self-care.

By maintaining a balance between personal growth and enjoying the journey, you can achieve your goals without burning out.


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Stop falling off your TODO list! Take back your time. Gain clarity. Get stuff done.
Feel more energized. Feel purposeful. Radiate joy!

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Get Moving

Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle with a simple walking plan even if there's never enough flippin time in the day for anything.

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Do The Thing

From writing a non-fiction book to lifestyle coaching & workshops, look no further. Let's hop on a call and create a masterpiece for you and/or your organization.

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Be Weightless  Action Journal

Take action with your mindset, and body goals on your terms. TODAY (ps..all the  best actions steps from the book Be Weightless are in the Action Journal 


Creative Life in Motion

If I was a musician these would be my greatest hits know favourites:)

Walk & Win 30 Day Challenge

A walking habit is the easiest way to a healthy lifestyle


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My Body is My Home

From battling bullies to finding love, this show will have you wondering what's next.

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Creative Life in Motion Podcast

Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Be Weightless

Like Your Body Love Yourself- Who am I after weight loss? Who am I when the weight comes back? 

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I'm Karen Wilson

My vision is providing a safe space for self-reflection and growth, reminding us all that we can find freedom and weightlessness within ourselves.

When I was 7, I began writing stories. My favorite part was sharing them to anyone who'd listen. 

I struggled for years with my body image even when I was in the best shape of my life, it wasn't enough.

I put all of my dreams on a shelf for a long time, and kept telling myself I'd get to them one day. Then I bonked. My body hit burnout, and my nervous system needed a serious rest, so I took it, and that's when...

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"She provided structured programs for me, realistic goal setting, I would highly recommend Karen Wilson"

- Shelby B

"I am excited about getting up in the morning.I feel alive & alert again"

- Carol M

"I don’t know if you are aware of the impact you have on me. I am so grateful you have come into my life. As a coach. As a mentor. As a friend!"

- Kathleen H

Creative Life in Motion

The blog has everything you need to dig into your self awareness, find time, and uplevel your health. And just for fun, you might just find some random stories :)

My Top 5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Health with Walking

Nov 02, 2023

Embrace Imperfection: Why Your Rough Draft Matters Most

Nov 01, 2023


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