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Hi I'm Karen, Author of Be Weightless

I didn’t want to write a book on weight loss. I really didn’t. What seemed to be the biggest surprise to me was that when I did lose weight I was absolutely shocked that I did. I had accepted my “heavy, robust, big boned frame.” and expected my life would always be the same. It’s in my DNA.

Another thing that surprised me was the struggle after I lost the weight. The struggle to maintain my weight loss, and the toughest part of it all was the struggle to find me. Me defined by me.

Before writing this book I thought, “Will people actually take health and fitness advice from the heavier version of me?”

I know how to lose weight. I know how to gain weight. I know I am the same person on the inside with the same value to the world both ways. THAT was harder than the weight loss itself.

In the peaks and valleys of the last 21 years I discovered how to be weightless. It doesn’t mean I always am. I spent 17 combined years in the health and beauty industry as a cosmetician, and a Fitness and Health Leader. I know first hand that we are all beautiful, and when we feel beautiful we are way more attractive to ourselves and the ones we love.

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