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Ideas in Motion Podcast Enters Season 4

podcast Dec 07, 2022
Ideas in Motion Podcast Enters Season 4

Remember that one time I said I would make a podcast?? Well here we are again with a 9 month gap between recordings :)

Season 4 is our best season yet!

There is no hustle involved. Clarity is amazing! It allows you to do less and achieve more. Happiness comes from doing the things YOU SAID YOU WOULD! 

We will set goals and get sh$t done, all while keeping wellness in the work plan.

Join me on a journey of self-discovery, unapologetic confidence, and setting intentions for this season in YOUR life.

If we walk through the history of the podcast together it paints a picture of literally bringing a vision to life.

Season 1 - Quite literally I was putting this idea of having a podcast in motion. The first 10 episodes are all about wellness, purpose, priorities. 

My first episode - Bring on Balance -  is far from perfect, I even have about 5 minutes of dead air at the end of the episode. I had music, a fancy intro, but I was completely new at this.

I now believe balance is a state of mind- It’s very unlikely that our lives will BE balanced, and just when it starts to feel balanced - it can be knocked way off course. So stop chasing balance, and fuel internal intentions instead. Know what you want, check in with yourself, and when it feels off, recalibrate with self awareness tools.

That’s why I changed the show name from Bring on Balance to Ideas in Motion.

Then life got "busy"

2 Years later I finally decided it was time for season 2. I decided to make it easier for myself by taking editing and production out of the show, and all episodes were recorded live on YouTube. Episodes were all about getting back up, morning routine, recovery mindset and more.It was really tough to maintain a weekly live schedule. It did not work with my flow - so I needed to take my own advice and back up a bit.

Season 3 was short and sweet - I started recording on the heels of writing my first book, Be Weightless. We dive into all things time conserving.

 The most popular downloads so far have been

  • Episode 1 Bring on Balance - I’m not sure if it’s the title that draws people or if it’s because it’s my first episode.
  • Episode 23 Take Back Your Time- The irreplaceable commodity that we have - It’s not a surprise that y’all want to make sure you are not wasting it- but it’s also so important to make sure there is white space in your calendar
  • Episode 19 Learn to Run or Power walk the Easy way- This episode is more about building a habit of daily movement and tossing punishing exercise out the door

Let’s dive into season #4 Listen and subscribe here

Maybe this season will be where we land together, not in a rush to do more perfectly, In season 4 we will bring the whole self in and really focus on systems of awareness and creativity.




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